On Thursday, Dan and I packed our bags and headed to the airport. Two hours later, we landed at PDX, and a happy son was reunited with an eq...

Vacation Days

On Thursday, Dan and I packed our bags and headed to the airport. Two hours later, we landed at PDX, and a happy son was reunited with an equally happy father. (Mom showed up a few minutes later.)

We are spending a long weekend on the Oregon coast with Dan's parents to celebrate his birthday.

Here's what a typical vacation day looks like:

6:30AM wake up (slowly) and get into running clothes. (I put these out the night before so that I would actually go running.)

7:00AM cold cereal + banana + coffee (thanks, Jim!) for breakfast

7:30AM go running! I went out for a 15-minute warm-up loop out to the beach, stopped in at the house to go pee, and then headed out for another 50 minutes through the neighboring gated community. My iPod shuffle died with 15 minutes to go, so I finished my run in silence.

9:00AM snack + shower -- I got way sweatier than I was expecting to, as the sun came out during my run. Also, plugged in my shuffle.

11:00AM lunchtime! (I know, I just had a snack.) Dan and I shared veggies sticks and hummus, with black beans and tortillas on the side.

12:00PM Television! I love watching crime drama (CSI, NCIS, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, etc.) and we don't watch much TV at home, so it's a nice vacation treat.

2:30PM car trip. We drove out to one of the local towns and stopped in at a coffeehouse for chocolate cake and coffee. we also picked up a movie (Rango!) to watch.

4:45PM go running, again! Because I don't run a lot, the small, running-specific muscles that help stabilize my legs/knees/etc. get really tired after an hour of running. To prevent injury, I've been trying to split up my workouts into two shorter ones. Hopefully it works! I'm also super glad I got new running shoes--my vibrams aren't great with all of the rocks on the roads out here.

I had to borrow Dan's rash guard for my run--I didn't
bring enough long sleeved shirts for the foggy weather.

The afternoon run involved a trail! There's a pretty long one with some sand and some densely packed grass about a mile away. It was a ton of fun to run, and I expect I'll be back. This run lasted about 30 minutes, plus some walking with Dan, who was coming back from a nature photo session.

5:30PM cool down, stretch and shower

6:30PM dinner! We grilled broccoli, asparagus and bell peppers, with a side of homemade whole wheat bread, and some grilled corn. There was also some steak and fish, but I passed and just enjoyed the A1 sauce on my broccoli. I polished off the cake from this afternoon for dessert. Yum!

7:30PM We spent awhile hanging around the table chatting, including a discussion of unsaturated vs. saturated fats, and some other organic chemistry lessons.. typical.

Afterwards, some blogging and then early to bed for another trail run in the morning!

What's your vacation guilty pleasure?

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