I love the way my life has turned out. In the past few years, I've made a lot of positive changes that have put me in a great place. And...


I love the way my life has turned out. In the past few years, I've made a lot of positive changes that have put me in a great place. And I've developed a lot of great habits that have gotten me here:

- Exercising: even on my days off from formal exercise, I usually make it outside for a walk, or spend time gardening. Trips to the grocery store certainly count; it's only a mile away, but a mile with 25 pounds of groceries is pretty significant.
- Eating breakfast: in high school, I couldn't even wait long enough to get dressed before I ate breakfast. For me, being a little bit hungry in the mornings means I'm eating the right amount of food.
- Sleeping 8 hours a night: in college, this was a big part of my success. Sleeping enough at night gave me the energy to get thru my day. Now, I often supplement my 8 hours with a nap.
- Getting enough vegetables: a few years ago, I read a blog post about vegetable consumption that made me think twice. I wasn't actually eating enough of them. Well, I've turned over a new leaf: every day I eat at least five servings of vegetables. It's not easy, though, even as a vegetarian. If you're not trying, you're probably not getting enough.
- Acknowledging the things I've done well: every day, I try to list a few things that I'm proud I did. For example, when I finish a particularly hard workout right on target, or the time I walked in to buy a slice of cake and walked out with plain granola. I try to do the same for Dan--he's really a pretty impressive guy.

I also have a few habits that I'd like to break:
- Eating instead of sleeping: despite getting eight hours a night, sometimes I'm still wiped after a particularly hard training session (or week). The worst times are 10 am and 8:30pm, and I really should learn to just crawl in bed and sleep.
- Skipping workouts: I've gotten into a bad habit of skipping afternoon workouts and lifts, usually because I'm either tired (and should have napped) or because I want to spend time with my husband. I need to let him cook dinner more often so I can get these done. Those 1-2 sessions a week really do add up over time.
- Always wearing my hair up: I've gotten remarkably attached to my long hair, but I always wear it up, and usually in a ponytail. That's not good for my hair, and it's kind of a waste. At least twice a week, I'd like to wear it down.

And habits that I'd like to form:
- Brushing twice a day: the key habit forming years for this coincided with 5:15AM practice, when time was at a premium in the morning. I know it's gross, and now that I drink coffee regularly, I should get into this habit to prevent yellow teeth. I do floss every day now!!
- Stretching: I used to be the last one at the boathouse every day because I spent 10 minutes stretching. I need to rebuild that habit; it helps me recover and sleep better.
- Drinking more water/tea: I got out of the habit of drinking water senior year because I was worried about making weight for afternoon practice. Not good. Now, I avoid it before AM practice because there's no bathroom in my boat. That's no excuse for 10AM-10PM, though. It prevents me from snacking when I shouldn't be and helps me recover better.

Any other habits I should be making or breaking in 2013?

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