I'm never sure whether that hashtag is "what I ate this week on Wednesday" or "what I ate one day this week, published on...

What I Ate Wednesday

I'm never sure whether that hashtag is "what I ate this week on Wednesday" or "what I ate one day this week, published on Wednesday". I thought the former would be more honest: I couldn't choose the most conveniently healthy day of food from the week.

So, without further ado, here is what I ate yesterday. 
Bran flakes, nuts, raisins, soy milk and black tea at 5:30am, watching the sun rise from the Potomac Boat Club. 

And then I was still hungry so I had some blueberries.

Snack during the row. We did 75 minutes at a medium pace.

Post row snack. Coffee, banana and liberally applied peanut butter. 

Aaaaand another small snack around 10am as I was starting work.

Lunch, finally! Around 11:30 I had a salad with brown and white rice, spinach, snap peas, hummus and spices.
Warning: food in photo is tastier than it appears. 

Never forget dessert.

Another snack! English muffin, peanut butter, frozen blueberries and a banana with more peanut butter. I would say I'm eating an unusually large amount of peanut butter, but I've seen how fast my weight drops when I cut it out.

I had another one of these during my afternoon lift, along with some nuun. I would have preferred something else, but I really struggle with what to eat for the pm workout. A smoothie would maybe have been a better option? I'm not sure. Crackers could also have worked, just to change things up. 

And finally, dinner! The lifting session was long and ran late so I threw together this quick dinner when I got home. Sautéed carrots, peppers and apples with kidney beans and brown rice, topped with a white wine-mustard sauce and sesame seeds. And a glass of wine. 

Phew. That is a lot of food. I'm sure there are places I could do better, but I'm generally pretty happy with my diet.

I eat a lot of fruits, veggies and whole grains. I got in almost all of the colors yesterday: blue berries, red grapes, green apple/spinach/peas, orange peppers/carrots, yellow banana.

But I'm also not crazy restrictive. I eat chocolate and drink some wine. I don't count calories. 

I should probably diversify my peanut butter consumption. Maybe some almond butter. ;)

What did you eat on Wednesday?

N.B. This post was composed on my phone so apologies for any strange formatting.

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