I've been terrible about keeping and posting training logs, but I would like to restart in earnest. It keeps me honest about my extra wo...

Training Log, 11/26-12/2

I've been terrible about keeping and posting training logs, but I would like to restart in earnest. It keeps me honest about my extra workouts, and gives me a record of what I've done and how far I've come.

This week, training started full swing after a light week for Thanksgiving.

I woke up to a sick husband, and a cold, wet, foggy morning. I headed down to the boathouse, but it was too foggy to go on the water. We ended up doing 3x5k on the erg at super easy pressure. Our coach came and took blood samples during the workout to make sure we were in the right training zone.

In the afternoon, I headed out for a short 45' jog through the neighborhood. I promised myself I'd explore the area around our house sooner than at our old place, and running is a great place to start. I finished up the day with a short max-weight lift.

I hardly worked out today, I told Dan, before recounting my exercise for the day. 20' bike to and from the boathouse/BART in the morning, 24' of erging for a lactate test, about 75 minutes of walking, and another 40' of biking later in the evening.

High winds kept us off the water. The erg workout was 60' on, 4' off, 30' on, all at our "steady state" intensity from Tuesday's lactate threshold. The workout was difficult to perform, but I recovered quickly. In the early afternoon, I squeezed in a short max-weight lift.

Despite rough conditions, we managed to make it out on the water for 15km in a quad (four people, eight oars). We spent most of the row battle wind and waves, so not a lot of technical work, but a good workout. I followed this up with a run. (We were supposed to do 20km on a water, but we had to go in early.)

The morning started out with a 30' erg test. For those readers that erg, we are supposed to do these at stroke rate 20 and drag 125 (a really heavy load for me!). It's been quite a while since I did a 30' test, so I got a huge PR. (I went from 7115 meters to 7221.)

We were supposed to follow this up with an 80' run, but the pouring rain easily convinced me to bike instead. I also added in a lift at the boathouse: bench pull, bench press, and single leg squats, all high weight, low rep.

I went down to the boathouse in the hopes of going on the water, but high winds and heavy rain brought in even the men's eights. There were no ergs left at the boathouse, so I headed home and did 3x20' on our erg at home. I should have done 4x20', but ran short on time.

In the afternoon, I did two 30' bike rides across Oakland, followed by about 3.5 hours of what amounted to very slow yoga/dance. (It left me very sore, and reminded me that I need to stretch more.)

One of the women from Lake Merritt Rowing Club, the master's team I cox for, came over in the morning and we did a lift. She does CrossFit, and is generally much more confident about lifting heavy than I am, so it was great for me.

I followed up with a 60' run with a few short sprints. Along the way, I also found a nearby playground and squeezed in some pull-ups on their monkey bars.

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