Sorry for the tardy publication. Monday: I said goodbye to my old boat this morning with a 15K steady state row. It took almost 2K to g...

Training Log, 12/3-12/9

Sorry for the tardy publication.

I said goodbye to my old boat this morning with a 15K steady state row. It took almost 2K to get used to rowing in the single again, but it was a decent row. I was having some issues with the shoes in this boat, but it forced me to make some good technical changes.

A 60' run in the afternoon was a good opportunity to escape the computer for a while, and I explored our new 'hood some more.

Today was all about volume. The morning started off with an easy 30' erg, followed by 45-50 minutes of biking. I spent the whole day moving, between biking to and from the boathouse/BART and walking in the city to work and lunch with Dan.

In the afternoon, I completed the most boring workout in the universe: two hours on the bike at heart rate 130. I tried doing some work and reading, which was effective for the first 70-80 minutes, but just absolutely fried my brain afterwards.

I had hoped to lift today, but didn't find time.

I woke up to rain, heavy rain. At the boathouse, we knocked out an erg workout instead of rowing: three 15-minute pieces at around HR170, low stroke rate. (I averaged a 2:05 split.) I followed up with a lift and core work.

Finally back on the water! We headed out in a quad for 20K of steady state. We threw in a few drills, but mostly just enjoyed the calm conditions. I had the steering, which kept me on my toes.

In other related news, the club purchased a new boat for me! It arrived Wednesday and I unwrapped in on Thursday. It's a lightweight Hudson, and it's gorgeous.

On the erg again, we did a 30' erg test, drag 125, stroke rate 20. I got another PR, adding another 40 meters or so to my piece from last week for a total of 7266m. I would really like to reach 7500m on this piece, but I think it will take me at least another 3 months to get there. A lot of lifting is going to make a big difference. I followed this up with a lift, stretching and a short bike.

The afternoon was another epic 2 hour bike ride. This time, I watched a movie and some trashy TV. Much better.

Another epic morning practice, we started on the water in a quad. All told, we did 17km, including two 2.5km races against some men's boats. Afterwards, we hopped right onto the erg for 2x4km (~16 minutes), at around our 30 minute test pace. It felt awesome to be able to pull those number for 4000m that easily.

The workout schedule included a 45 minute run, but I ended up spending the day running around doing house shopping and lifting/moving/assembling furniture instead.

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