Last I wrote, I was prepping for World Championship Trials . Focus on the goal has kept me quiet for quite some time, but now that all of th...

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Last I wrote, I was prepping for World Championship Trials. Focus on the goal has kept me quiet for quite some time, but now that all of the adventures have wrapped up, it's time for an update!

As I mentioned, I got in a lot of really productive training while in Connecticut. I function really well in focused team environments. And spending the time reading and reflecting allowed me to learn a lot about myself as an athlete. For example, I learned that spending a lot of time socializing drains my energy. Since the days leading up to a race are often spent in close quarters with boatmates, I made sure to go on solo runs and secured some alone time to recharge.

This was also one of the first races where I managed to effectively control my nerves. The day before the final, I made a list of 10 reasons not to be nervous—which was super helpful. Everytime I got nervous, I simply drew on the list and used one of my reasons to calm my nerves.

But perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself.

After all that great training and reflection, we drove down to New Jersey on August 3rd. Our coach was in Lithuania at the Junior World Championships (several of his boats had qualified and were racing), so the four quadruplets headed down along with two heavyweight men from GMS.

Me, Sarah, Mary and Laurissa -- the quad

We spent Saturday and Sunday practicing and acclimating to a new environment. We had the opportunity to practice on the course. Our hotel also had a small kitchen, so we went grocery shopping and were trying to keep our food intake as controlled as possible to prepare for weigh-ins.

Our first race was Monday, August 5th. It was a race for lanes between two boats, so the results had no impact on future racing. We did have to weigh-in, which was good practice, since it was our first weigh-in as a boat.

After the first race, we had another opportunity to practice and went on a few runs, but mostly were laying low and counting down the hours to the final on Wednesday. We were up against some formidable opponents: many of them had been on the national team previously, and they were mostly more experienced than us.

Although we'd hoped to be closer to them at the finish line, we were relatively happy with our final margin. They beat us by about 10 seconds. It will be interesting to see how they perform at the World Championships at the end of this month.

There were four people, a lot of suitcases, toolbags, two riggers and a hula hoop all stuff into
a Subaru hatchback—squishy! Did I mention the three boats strapped on top?

Almost immediately after we finished racing, we headed to the hotel, shoved our stuff in bags, showered and hit the road. Because I couldn't book a flight until after trials, I had a few days to kill before I could head home. One of my boatmates, Sarah, was catching a ride up to Buffalo, NY to visit family.

After seven hours in close quarters, we stopped briefly in Canada, ate dinner and then headed back to Buffalo for the night. I had a blast in Buffalo! From playing tennis, sipping coffee, going out to a bar and playing board games, it was just about everything you could ask for in a vacation. If my husband had been there, I would have stayed a lot longer, but I was ready to be home. 

I managed to use my United miles to book a flight home and flew back to the best coast on Friday. By Saturday, Dan and I were back in the car! Dan picked me up from the airport using my grandparent's car, and we borrowed it on Saturday as well. He had planned to go scuba diving, but plans fell through so we went on a road trip up the coast.

The driving was tough, but the views were well worth it. We headed up to Bolinas and had lunch in a cute little diner. We stopped at a plant nursery and a roadside farm stand and then headed back south to Sausalito. We found a nice cafe and sat, sipped, read and sketched for a few hours.

My schedule since then has been packed with fun stuff: a family party by the pool, a 3-hour foraging walk, a run in the hills with our housemate, a trip to the city with coffee, cake and lunch with Dan in the park, the Ferry Building Farmer's Market, gardening, baking and more!

Phew! Thanks for reading about my adventures. Hopefully I can update a bit more often in the coming months as I start my next year of training and racing. Lots of fun to come!

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