It has come to my attention that most women wear make-up. Many of my favorite bloggers have done " in my make-up bag " posts, wher...

In My Make-Up Bag

It has come to my attention that most women wear make-up. Many of my favorite bloggers have done "in my make-up bag" posts, where they describe the contents of their make-up bags to readers. Usually, these posts include an "everyday" category and a "special occasion" category.

Looking at their photographs on their blogs, it does become obvious that they are wearing make-up. Still, I find it a bit off-putting that we so expect women to wear make-up that I don't even give it a second thought. Obviously that is the point of make-up, but if you saw a man walking around with make-up, would you notice? Probably.

So I decided to do an "in my make-up bag" post as well. As an athlete, I find make-up incredibly impractical. I shower often enough; I don't want to also pre-wash my face for workouts.

I have certainly gone through phases when I felt like wearing mascara or foundation, and one of the four items in my bag is a remnant of that era: foundation. It's from L'Oreal; I currently use it less than once a month.

The second item in my bag: tinted chapstick. It's Burt's Bees, from an era before I was vegan. If that doesn't give you a sense of how often I use it, I'll make it more obvious: about twice a year. The stuff doubles as blush as well, when I'm feeling rosy.

The final two items in my bag I use all the time: chapstick and lotion! I put chapstick on most nights before bed and use Aveeno lotion daily on my face and hands.

So that's just about it. I keep my skin moisturized, eat well, and sleep enough. Since sunscreen makes me break out, I also try to stay out of midday sun and wear hats/sunglasses to protect my face and eyes.

Do you wear make-up? Do you have an every day routine or just a special occasion routine?

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