This week was our last week of true 'summer training'. For those athletes headed to the World Championships at the end of August, or...

This Week in Training

This week was our last week of true 'summer training'. For those athletes headed to the World Championships at the end of August, or for those in California waiting for the September Indian summer, that may seem premature. But fall and winter are when you win races, so I'm eager to get back into the fitness-building phase of training.

We're just starting to get a taste of fall, with more long/slow work and longer hard intervals. This will be our last set of 1000m pieces for more than a month!

6x120 bench pulls at 50 pounds. Crushing it.
AM: 60 minutes in the single, easy rowing; 12.2km
PM: 2 hour lifting session, with aforementioned bench pulls

AM: 100 minutes, 1x, firm and continuous; 21.9km
PM: 75 minutes, 2x, easy rowing; 16.8km

AM: 90 minutes, 1x, easy rowing; 18.5km
PM: 2 hour lifting session

AM: 4 hours in the garden (ok, this wasn't on the training plan, but weed pulling is work!)
PM: 60 minutes, 30.5' on the erg (7000m), 30' treadmill run

AM: 2 by 1000m, 1x; 12.5km total
PM: 75 minutes

AM: 2x1500m, Concept2; #1 5:33.7 (1:51.2), #2 5:38.1 (1:52.7); 13.5km total
PM: 3x25 minutes, Concept2; 17,073m total

TBD! I will probably do 45-75 minutes of either rowing or cross-training today, at an easy pace

What did your week look like? Have you started prepping for fall racing season, or are you still focused on the end of summer sprints??

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  1. Masters training week starts on Saturday. Me: 53-y.o. starboard.

    SAT: Land workout with crew, 60 min cardio/strength with dumbbells on mats outside
    SUN: Morning row, 90 min. Sometimes small boats (sculling!)
    MON: Evening squats & deadliest with crew, plus supersets in between weight sets. We laugh and puff a lot. I do the playlist and bring the Beats Pill.
    TUE: Evening row, 90 min
    WED: Optional (but not really) erg. Playlist again.
    THU: Evening row again.
    FRI: Off. Maybe bike ride

    Every day: abs: 6X1:30 on (increasing)/:30 off (decreasing) six diff exercises my 13-y.o. son/future Harvard-2024 Olympian starboard foisted on me

    1. Every day! That's awesome. It takes a lot of work to get sweaty 6 or 7 days a week. Good thing you have teammates, though. How are the 90 minute rows? Exhausted at the end, or feel like you could keep going?


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